The One True Game, DiveKick, is coming to PAX this year, and developer Adam “Keits” Heart has more than a couple special treats up his sleeve for fans of the fighting game parody.

Speaking on a recent episode of Wakeup SRK, Keits revealed several new changes to the game. First of all, each character will now have an, “air-technique,” and a “ground-technique”. These techniques cost portions of your kicks-factor bar. Dive is able to spend meter to jump forward or fall to the ground quick, while Kick can execute extremely fast kicks though his spending meter is far faster than any other member of the cast. Unfortunately, spending the meter means that you are less likely to enter kicks-factor, and spending it while in kicks-factor shortens the time of your kicks-factor power-up.

The PAX East demo of the game will include a roster of six characters. The main duo of Dive and Kick will be there, along with returning favorites from the prototype build, Redacted (a parody of Wolverine from Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3), Kung Pao (a parody of Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat 9), and Mr. N (A parody of pro fighting gamer Marn and Street Fighter IV character Rufus.) A new character, Dr. Shoals (a parody of Dr. Doom), will also be included in the build. Shoals will have a two stage “foot-dive”, which starts out horizontal and then drops vertically after a second button press.

In addition to new characters and game mechanics, the PAX DiveKick build will include updated graphics and sound as well. The prototype build had limited animations for each character, but this build will give every character unique idle stances, win poses, dizzy animations and more.

DiveKick is made by One True Game Studios and Iron Galaxy Studios and has just been submitted to Steam greenlight. A release is expected sometime this summer..

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