Iron Galaxy has announced its latest character to join season two of Killer Instinct's roster updates, Maya.

Destructoid reports that Iron Galaxy is continuing in the footsteps of Double Helix by unveiling the newest fighter to return to the arena of Killer Instinct, the Amazonian warrior, Maya. Announced by Iron Galaxy during the kickoff of Evo 2014, Maya's return marks the first time we've seen her since Killer Instinct 2 in 1996. Double Helix handed the reins of Killer Instinct over to Iron Galaxy after the studio was purchased by Amazon earlier this year. The only other announced fighter for Killer Instinct season two so far is TJ Combo, who has been given an MMA redesign.

Season two for Killer Instinct will start this fall, bringing new characters, air counter breaks and stage-specific ultra combos. Hopefully Kim from Killer Instinct 2 joins the roster as well.

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