Straight from the streets of Saints Row, Johnny Gat will be making his fighting game debut.

With Saints Row IV's signature purple logo atop his silver jacket, Johnny Gat comes fighting his way into the dojo of Divekick. Nothing beats watching Johnny use his unique moves in Divekick's over-the-top fighting style, such as hitting you with a car or firing one of Saints Row IV's alien guns at you to hold you in place like a tractor beam.

Johnny Gat will be a playable character at Iron Galaxy Studios' booth at the PAX East expo this weekend. Divekick just had restructuring done in the form of a major content update, titled Divekick: Addition Edition. Most likely, we will finally hear word about the Divekick: Addition Edition +, which will be the optimized version of Divekick that will be finally making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Johnny will first be appearing on the next-gen versions of Divekick and is expected to be integrated into the PS3, PS Vita and PC versions a short time afterwards.

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