The official forums for the second season of Killer Instinct were recently visited by a member of the development team, and he shared some interesting tidbits about the third character from the current KI season.

The character, called "#notamummy" since we don't know his real name yet, was recently playtested in Orlando and Chicago where he "scored right behind Maya in terms of user reaction (fun) and overall playability, which is great to see" according to the forum post. That wasn't the final version of the character though, as "he’s going to get multiple tweaks based on the feedback" thanks to those testing sessions.

#notamummy is described in the post as "a zoner… with a ranged grapple… and great (situational) mobility… and traps… oh, and curses too. Internally we call him a 'trap grappler', but I don’t even know if that’s the best way to describe him." Essentially that means we still don't know what the heck this guy is all about and we won't until he's finally revealed. According to the post, we'll see #notamummy for the first time sometime in November, though a specific timetable wasn't given for his release.

The rest of Killer Instinct Season Two is available now, with TJ Combo and Maya starting things off for those who purchase it.

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