Killer Instinct 2 could be making a return on Xbox One as a part of Season Two of the next-gen Killer Instinct.

Spotted by NeoGAF user catmario on RuliWeb  (the Korean Game Ratings Board's website), Killer Instinct 2 is currently listed without a rating and as an Xbox One-exclusive. IGN cites that a similar listing popped up for the original Killer Instinct Classic right before GamesCom last year, and that version launched with Killer Instinct Season One in November 2013.

This is basically a no-brainer, as a lot of people sprung for the $40 Ultra edition of the new Killer Instinct so they could also own the original game, so why not include the sequel with Season Two? We wonder if it will be the arcade version of KI2 or the enhanced Gold version for home consoles that had bonus content. Either way, we hope we'll be able to re-live this awesome arcade fighter. As long as Kim Wu is included as a new Season Two character, we''ll be happy.

We do have one concern: last year $40 made sense for the brand new Killer Instinct, all of the eight characters from Season One and the original KI. We assume an "Ultra" package for Season Two will just include its new characters and KI2, but will it still cost $40? It's still a good value considering that the eight Season Two characters will probably sell for $5 separately, but a lower price would be nice.

Killer Instinct Season Two launches this fall for Xbox One, with T.J. Combo and Maya being the first of its new characters.

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