Earlier this year, Dean Hall, the man who brought us DayZ, said that he would be leaving Bohemia Interactive. Well, he hit the road and is now looking to hire for his new development studio.

Dean 'Rocket' Hall has rocketed out of Bohemia Interactive, leaving DayZ behind him, and heading back into his home country of New Zealand. Now that he's "claimed that [DayZ] was meant to simply be a break from his time with the army of New Zealand," he's decided that he wants to make his own development studio.

Gameinformer reports on his Twitter, Hall announced the creation of his new studio and issued a call to arms for a new team. RocketWerkz is the name of the new studio and, although no one knows what its first project will be, there's no doubt that with a talent like Hall leading the team, it will turn out well.

While the DayZ standalone PC version won't be out until early 2016 (Hall has openly admitted that if Bohemia needs him, he would help out), he seems to also be looking forward to a new project with a new team.

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