The mod turned game that seems to have kicked off a storm of zombie survival games, DayZ, has just reached three million in sales.

Bohemia Interactive took to its blog to announce that DayZ has officially reached 3,000,000 sales and to thank its fans. It also went over a few updates that it's looking to implement in DayZ. Since release, the game has had 24 updates and the team just keeps pumping out more. Now, it's working on a transition into an improved anti-cheat system and multiplayer optimizations. It's also hard at work on a new engine, Enfusion, that it's hoping will do a better job of supporting all three million players. This engine will bring updated tools for the developers that will help them with upgrades to the renderer, improved visual aesthetics and particle effects and the ability to utilize DirectX 11, which will work to help the console versions of DayZ.

You can check out a thank you statement from the project lead of DayZ David Durcak below as you wait for the game to slowly be switched over to this awesome new engine as the year progresses.

"We would like to say thank you to every single one of the three million players, that have joined us on the journey of making DayZ. You all have helped make DayZ the best open world, zombie survival game. This is an amazing achievement, and we are really looking forward to start sharing with you all of our game design improvements, anti-hack solutions and other optimizations we have been working on for a majority of the last year."

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