DayZ, the ultra-popular zombie survival game that started as a mod for ArmA II, is coming to the PlayStation 4 via an announcement by Bohemia Interactive's Dean Hall during Sony's Gamescom 2014 press conference.

Hall took the stage without any footage or screens to show, but he did say that his zombie epic is coming to Sony's console. No other information has come out about the announcement since the conference, but there's a not a whole lot more fans need right now. You'll soon be gathering beans and fighting off the undead on PS4 instead of needing a PC.

This is a genius move for Bohemia, as players who aren't playing games on PC have heard a lot about this DayZ game and want to get in on it for themselves, so they'll gain all of those players almost immediately. Furthermore, the more players DayZ has, the more interesting the survival stories get for those playing it. so it'll be interesting to see what goes down in the PS4 version of this game.

However, we wonder what the devs over at H1Z1 are thinking about this turn of events. They once thought they had the PlayStation platform all to themselves, but now Bohemia and DayZ are knocking on the door. We're looking forward to seeing the competition play out.

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