The developer of the smash zombie survival game hints at the possibility of console version of DayZ.

In an interview with Gamereactor, with Dean "Rocket" Hall, the sole developer of his hit ARMA 2 mod, DayZ, Hall confirmed that he had multiple, in-depth discussions with Microsoft pertaining to a console release of DayZ. "We'd certainly consider release on any feasible platform with a realistic publishing model,"Hall said. "It seems like currently both of the next-gen consoles should provide an environment we can develop inside."

Hall remained adamant that next-gen consoles still can't come close to the PC gaming experience, but admits there is still the potential for console gaming to come close. He also admitted that he has only had the chance to talk with Microsoft and not Sony.

There are a more than a few zombie titles on consoles already, and we have to wonder how DayZ's openness would translate on next-gen systems. Still, the prospects are enticing, and we can only hope things progress in a positive direction soon.

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