Sometimes, the zombie apocalypse can cause even its main orchestrators to hang up their survival gear and call it quits.

According to Eurogamer, Dean "Rocket" Hall, the designer of the original DayZ mod for ARMA 2, has left Bohemia Interactive and stepped down from any further directing of the standalone version of DayZ. Hall has reportedly left the Prague-based development team in order to create his own studio in New Zealand, his home country.

Hall claimed that the game was meant to simply be a break from his time with the army of New Zealand, and was not meant to be the massive project that it had become. Bohemia Interactive still intends on continuing the post-game development and supporting whatever form of porting might happen in DayZ's future despite Hall's departure.

Hall stated that he would potentially remain at Bohemia if its team absolutely needed him, offering a sort of clean break between him and his former cohorts. Hall claimed that creating a new studio on his own accord will take years. He has also said that he has three new game ideas written down with the intent of flushing out further, and added he wished to vastly expand the multiplayer arena with his next project.

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