Dark Souls 2 is on the horizon. Our nerves are tensed for another tough journey. For those of us that are ready, it is time to lay down your sword, pick up your pencil, and design your own shield that could make its way into the finished game.

Over on the Dark Souls Facebook page, you're able to download a template that you can use to design your own shield. The contest, which runs from today until May 13th, will be used to select six of the best designs to be cast out of digital iron, steel, and code in the final copy of the game. For those of our readers with a deft hand at design, this is a phenomenal opportunity to get your artwork immortalized in Dark Souls 2.

Just think of it. Millions of players could be using your shield to defend themselves against whatever unspeakable horrors Dark Souls 2 has lined up. At the very least, you can give them something pretty to look at just before they're run over by a chariot sporting scythes.

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