To celebrate Bloodborne selling more than 2 million units since its debut this past March, From Software will be launching The Old Hunters expansion in November.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa announced on the PlayStation Blog that Bloodborne is getting The Old Hunters expansion. Now that we've died hundreds of times in this goth action title, it's time to put the coroner back in business in time for the holiday season. You'll be exploring the hunting grounds of the late, great hunters of Yharnam. Unfortunately, their bodies and spirits still linger throughout the area, and they're still keen on being adapt hunters even as monsters. You'll fight off new enemies using various added weapons, including Simon's Bowblade. As expected, there will be other kinds of outfits, weapons and spells to wield so you can explore these new dangerous areas and take on these new beasts stalking the streets of Yharnam.

Even in the hunting grounds of Yharnam, the endemic illness has transformed all of the town's denizens into ferocious and horrific monsters. Those who hadn't become monsters turned violently deranged. I wonder if this new boss, Ludwig, will be connected to Gehrman in terms of story. Nevertheless, I can't wait to resume the hunt and start slaying some more scary-looking beasts.

Bloodborne's new DLC expansion, The Old Hunters, will launch for $19.99 on Nov. 24. For those wondering, Dark Souls 3 will launch sometime in early 2015 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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