Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls II Review
Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls have become badges of honor amongst gamers. They transplanted the insane difficulty from the golden age consoles and spackled it in beautiful and gothic 3D graphics. They proved that gamers have gotten lazy and complacent with their new games that hand hold them all the way through right to the very end, all the while telling them which button to press. Their success is just as irrational as our love for them. Murderously hard games that make no apologies became best-sellers? Sounds impossible in the current landscape, but they proved that there was a thirst for a bit of punishment.
Dark Souls 2's Achievement List Has Us Dying
See that picture above? That's us. We're all going to feel that... multiple times over as we try to explore down every nook and cranny of Lordran while we're running for our lives. And why would we bother trying to explore every piece of Dark Souls II's murderous world? Because we have finally gotten to read the leaked achievement list of Dark Souls II. And we would like to thank the teams at From Software and Namco Bandai for being some of the most malicious developers that ever were.

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