Those with a death wish for going beyond Dark Souls 2's normal campaign are going to be happy when they hear about the game's likelihood of getting downloadable content.

In an interview on Total Xbox, Dark Soul 2's producer Takeshi Miyazoe said that DLC for the upcoming dungeon crawler has rather good chances. "...I think the potential is definitely there", said Miyazoe.

Dark Soul 2's producer also said that there is "definitely potential" in regard to the possibility of DLC, but that audiences play the biggest role in determining if it happens. Miyazoe said that this is all dependent on the fans' reactions to the finalized version and that the team at From Software is hoping to deliver an experience so full, that DLC might not even seem necessary. We're dying to find out (and die some more).

The apocalypse starts March 14, when Dark Souls II will take more its fair share of lives when its released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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