See that picture above? That's us. We're all going to feel that... multiple times over as we try to explore down every nook and cranny of Lordran while we're running for our lives. And why would we bother trying to explore every piece of Dark Souls II's murderous world? Because we have finally gotten to read the leaked achievement list of Dark Souls II. And we would like to thank the teams at From Software and Namco Bandai for being some of the most malicious developers that ever were.

Thanks to Eurogamer, we now have a relative idea as to the numerous ways we will be murdered in Dark Souls II. You would need the mother of all Konami codes in order to net yourself the highest ranking achievement of the list posted at Exophase (warning, spoilers!).

The achievements' requirements consist of what you would come to expect, such as story progression, beating bosses, lighting campfires and learning spells. But the one achievement which nets you the most points is one of the most simple (well... in theory, at least) - completely beating Dark Souls II.

There are also a few in-game factions, called "Covenants," for you to give your allegiance to and do quests for as you're exploring the various dungeons and hellholes of Lordran. Discovering each of these Covenants will net yourself an achievement. Upon reaching a max level of devotion to one of these Covenants, there is another achievement for you to earn. Rare and hard-to-get equipment have their own variety of achievements and trophies as well.

Stay tuned as we countdown to doomsday, Mar. 14, when Dark Souls II will be released and claim more lives than the Bubonic Plague.

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