Bloodborne is the latest in the Souls series of games, and even though a lot of the gameplay is similar to the previous games Bloodborne's tone is very different. There is a lot more of a macabre and horror movie influence seen in both the setting and enemy designs. There are quite a few references to old horror literature, namely H.P. Lovecraft, and the game even takes a turn for the eldritch later on. This is in addition to the classic horror enemies and monsters like vampires, zombies or even particularly crazed cult members.

All of these things crammed into one game do leave the player with an odd fascination to explore and uncover as much of the mystery as they can. There are players that have uncovered Yharnam's mysteries and slaughtered all there is to see however, and they're left craving more terrible monsters and haunting mystery. Rather than finding other games to play like Bloodborne, you might be in the mood to sit back and take in more of the mythos that inspired this game. Perhaps you want to see what other brave warriors have accomplished in their travels across demon-filled lands. When video games aren't scratching that itch these ten movies and shows are sure to quench your thirst for Bloodborne.

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