Most Kickstarter campaigns are launched to receive funding to start a game, but the single player, RPG Crayon Chronicles is in its final stretch, and it needs just $5,000 for completion.

In development for three years, Crayon Chronicles is being developed by Outer Grid Games founders Paul Zimmer and Justin Clark. Zimmer is a former Gas Powered Games animator who was laid off after the unsuccessful Wildman Kickstarter campaign.

With 23 days left to fulfill their Kickstarter goal, Outer Grid Games has 526 backers and $4,754 pledged. If you want to take home a Crayon Chronicles lunch box, that will cost you $75. But along with the lunch box, you'll get a digital copy of the game and its soundtrack, as well as your name listed in the "thank you" section of the game credits

With Crayon Chronicles nearing its goal, the April 1st Kickstarter deadline is inconsequential. Due out on PC and eventually Xbox Live Indie Games, the title may also come out on Mac and Linux versions if the game is an unqualified success.