Broken Age is officially the title of Double Fine Adventure. The point and click adventure that so many supported on Kickstarter had its official name revealed at PAX East.

Remember when all of us were eagerly shoveling money at the Kickstarter campaign for Double Fine Adventure? Well, all that money has paid off. We now know the official title of the Double Fine Adventure is Broken Age and that it will feature two protagonists, worlds and times away, leading parallel lives.

A girl is to be sacrificed to the monster that terrorizes her village and she must escape. At the same time, a boy is trying to escape a spaceship and the oppressive rule of a computer. This all sounds absolutely wonderful and perfect for the point and click gameplay.

If you think this is a great idea as well, you can help out and get access early by joining the slacker backer program and donating some cold hard cash to the development of Broken Age.

We can't wait to click our way through another brilliant story from Double Fine. If only it would come out sooner. It will eventually be out for Mac, PC, and Linux. Quick, throw more money at it and see what happens!