Watch adventure game pioneer Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions' three year journey to bring the magnificent Broken Age to life in a behind the scenes documentary series

Double Fine Productions' YouTube account has started posting entire episodes of its documentary series that depicted the struggles and triumphs the studio faced during the entire development process of Broken Age. This documentary was previously exclusive to those who helped crowdfund the game during its initial Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Only half of the series has been uploaded so far (the first episode is featured above), with two episodes being added each week until Broken Age Act 2's launch next month.

The documentary films the three-year journey that Double Fine Productions took in bringing Broken Age from just drawings and random notes in Tim Schafer's notebook to becoming one of the greatest adventure games of 2014 (and likely 2015). This series looks at Schafer and his team, showing how they celebrated Broken Age's Kickstarter campaign, where the idea came from to crowdfund it, previous successes with it, setbacks, production delays, having to split the game into two acts, outside controversy and internal struggles from within the Double Fine family. This series was previously exclusive to those who supported Broken Age and Double Fine on Kickstarter, but Schafer and the team realized it's too big of a story to keep private. There are only 11 episodes released on YouTube so far (with 18 more and counting filmed during Broken Age's ongoing development), If you're a fan of Schafer, Double Fine or adventure games in general, you should definitely check this out.

Broken Age Act 2 will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and PC Vita starting April 28 with cross-buy and cross-save functionality in play.