BioWare and Diamond Select have teamed up to bring you Mass Effect Minimates for GameStop and their impact is anything but mini.

One of the gaming world's most recognized franchises, Mass Effect, is teaming up with Diamond Select to bring its fans a full line of 2-inch Minimates. These Minimates will span the entire trilogy of the franchise and will be exclusively available at GameStop stores. This line will include eight characters that will feature 12-14 points of articulation and will also have fully interchangeable parts.

President of Diamond Select Toys, Chuck Terceira said about the launch, "The opportunity to work on a world as big as the world of Mass Effect is very exciting. Interpreting such a wide variety of human characters, alien races, armors and technology for the Minimates format inspires our designers and allows them to push the line into new and different areas." Each figure will come with weapons and a display base. The Illusive Man will be the rarest figure in Series 1, which means if you want him you should make sure to scoop up this "elusive" character as soon as possible.

The only downside is these figures will be blind-bagged, so die-hards will have to learn what each figure feels like in order to get the full set. Fortunately, a few of these characters have some rather unique sculpts, which should make it a little easier to assure yourself a Garrus or Wrex.

To see a complete list of the characters in Series 1, see below:

  • Commander Shepard: a soldier for the Systems Alliance (male version)
  • Commander Shepard: a soldier for the Systems Alliance (female version)
  • Liara: An Asari scientist turned information broker
  • Tali: A female Quarian and mechanical genius who joins Shepard's squad
  • Garrus: A male Turian and Citadel Security officer who joins Shepard's squad
  • Wrex: A Krogan bounty hunter and mercenary; one of the last Battle Masters
  • Ashley: A highly skilled Alliance Marine
  • The Illusive Man: A former mercenary; now leader of the pro-human group Cerberus