It's traveled a long, hard road through the Forgotten Realms, but now it's official -- the mythical role-playing-game Baldur's Gate is currently available on iOS.

We love old school games here at Arcade Sushi and we're pretty psyched to be able to have a chance to sit down with this bad boy. And we all better get comfortable, because Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition promises up to 80 hours of gameplay. That's a huge amount for anything you'd find on iOS.

If you haven't played this game and want to call yourself a gamer, now's the chance, man. You can't truly be called an RPG fan if you haven't taken a step into this title. And hopefully you're not trying to run it on the original iPad. The developers at Beamdog, the team responsible for bringing the port to life, have had trouble getting the game to run properly on that device. Plus, as of this writing, you will be required to have iOS 6 in order to install and run the game.

If Balder's Gate starts selling like gangbusters, it's likely they will try and find a fix for this. But for now, you will have to be running iOS 6 on a device newer than the original iPad in order to get your quest on.

In addition to everything from the original game, BG: EE promises some new content as well that's available via in-app purchases. Keep your eyes peeled for a review. In the meantime, there's plenty of monsters to slay and spells to cast.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer below: