Say it ain't so! The beefed-up, highly-anticipated mobile release of the RPG classic, Baldur's Gate, has been pushed back. Why has such a travesty befallen us?

Due to a game-shattering bug that was just found, the release date has been delayed. Apple's app approval has been appropriately pushed back one week in order for the developers at Overhaul to work out the kinks.

Trent Oster, creative director at Overhaul, has been tweeting to his followers, assuring them that the team's doing all they can to get the game into the App Store soon. He said that they've already had three previous builds approved over the past few months, so the review process shouldn't take too long.

The bug has affected other platforms too, with the Android build trailing behind the iOS version. Gamers still have a bit of waiting to do until the game hits their devices, but at least they can rest assured that Overhaul is hard at work:

After the game drops and they've torn through the considerable amount of original content and all of the new additions, RPG connoisseurs can look forward to a port of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the sequel to BioWare's hit.

Hopefully the snafus and setbacks with the Enhanced Edition will make it so that the folks at Overhaul have an easier time with the second game. Let us know in the comments below if the wait is going to be an agonizing one or if you're passing the time playing another great RPG in the comments below!