If you've been waiting a long time for Final Fantasy IV (better known stateside as Final Fantasy II for the SNES), to show up on the App Store, you won't have to wait much longer. That's right, Square Enix has just announced that the epic tale of Cecil and Co. will be released to iOS devices everywhere on December 20.

After an introductory sale, the price of the game is expected to be in the high teens, which is about standard for a Square Enix game. Based on the screens that have been released on the Japanese web site Gamer, it looks like the title will be more or less a port of the Nintendo DS remake that came out a few years ago. Take a look:

The remake added 3D graphics to the tale, updating it with a new look. But we have mixed feelings about this. For one, there wasn't anything really wrong with the original look to begin with. With the current fascination for retro gaming that's out there, you'd think there would be no shortage of people who would want to see those old familiar sprites.

It's neat to see updated versions of old games, but we like it when the gamer has the option to switch back and forth between the two -- like in Another World or Monkey Island. And since when did Paladin Cecil become a girl?

But it's hard to mess up too bad when you have great source material. Final Fantasy IV is one of the best in the whole series, with an excellent story and memorable characters.