In the first edition of Arcade Sushi Asks in 2014, we partnered with our headbanging brothers over at Loudwire to hit the hard rocking members of bands like Steel Panther, Drowning Pool, Escape the Fate and more with the biggest question of their careers.

"What's Your Favorite Game to Play on Tour?"


Stix Zadinia (Steel Panther)

"My favorite game to play on tour is UFC Undisputed 3. In fact, our entire band plays it almost nightly. It's like therapy on the road. After a while, being in such close quarters with the same dudes can start to drive you insane. I love my band, but sometimes you just want to beat the f--- out of your buddy. UFC 3 allows us to kick each other's asses and talk smack, which in turn, makes everybody happy. I think that if Van Halen would have had UFC 3, they would never have broken up and David Lee Roth would be at Eddie's house right now making sandwiches and waiting for the Xbox to cool off for another round!!!!"

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Chachi Riot (Pop Evil)

"We do a fair amount of gaming on the road. Everything from New Super Mario Bros Wii, to NHL, Call of Duty and Borderlands for PlayStation 3, to Rampage and Excite Bike for NES. We're well-rounded and diverse. I think my favorite game to play on tour is NHL 14. It's competitive, I'm a huge Wings fan and we do a lot of team play. It's a great bonding opportunity for all of us the bus. We play 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 4 versus the computer, and it's always competitive and always fun. We even bought a miniature 'Cup' for the champ to keep and sleep with; although there's not much room in the bunk for extras. GO WINGS!!”

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CJ Pierce (Drowning Pool)

"I don't usually have time to play any games on tour, but when I do I love playing Galaga. Call me old school, but I just love shooting those aliens!"

Jasen Moreno (Drowning Pool)

"I usually try to stay current with what's hot at the time. It also depends on our mode of travel. If we're in a bus I have a super sweet complete Xbox 360 setup in my bunk. I played Call of Duty: Black Ops II and BioShock Infinite a few tours back. For fly dates I rock handhelds. Recently in San Diego I had my 3DS XL and was rocking Super Mario 3D Land and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. I'm grateful for today's tech allowing for gaming on the go. I get down on my iPhone and iPad as well. Helps to ease a homesick heart and keep me out of trouble for the most part. So I guess my answer is any and everything gamer oriented, I'm all about it."

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The Wizard (Pilgrim)

"I'd say any Final Fantasy is my favorite to play on tour because there's nothing better than grinding and a good storyline on a long-ass drive. Any game that requires tedious or repetitive gameplay is perfect. Submit to the grind! Submit! Any Blizzard game would rule. I wish we still played World of Warcraft. That would be the perfect game. Last tour, all I had was my cellphone, so I played Tower of Fortune the whole time. I never ended up beating it. I kept dying on the very last level. For a luck-based game, it was pretty addictive!

"Krolg (Pilgrim's drummer) just got a PS Vita, so it looks like this time around he'll be playing the beautiful Final Fantasy IV remake. It's probably my favorite of the older Final Fantasy games. While we were recording our new record VOID WORSHIP, Krolg played gratuitous amounts of Skyrim. It enhanced the recording process ten-fold. Skyrim would be an excellent game to play on tour as well!"

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Max Green (Escape the Fate)

"Favorite game to play on tour? Halo 2. It's a classic, so bands are familiar with it and it had such a big impact when it came out. Multiplayer is dope and it's a great game to play and talk s--- to your friends about after you win, which I always win!!!"

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Daniel Williams (The Devil Wears Prada)

"My current favorite game to play on tour is League of Legends. It'd come as no surprise to my band to find me skipping a 'family dinner' or night out at the movies to catch a few extra League matches. I've always been a fan of massive multi-player online gaming, and League hits all the right marks. It's got a great competitive style of gameplay that I felt World of Warcraft was lacking (my previous vice). There are always ways to improve your skill, whether it be practicing against people, bots, or even watching others play on

"I've tried other MOBA style games, but none of them seem to compare. I love the fact that I can find a group of friends, bust out some snacks and energy drinks, and lose myself for hours. It's also quick to join a game if you're rolling solo as well, so fear not, my loner-friends; there are 30 million or so companions waiting to find a game as well."

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Ezra Haynes (Allegaeon)

"If I was bringing a laptop on tour it would most definitely be StarCraft 2. It has been around for so long, yet I am unable to get sick of it. There is always someone far better than you, so it stays challenging. Plus, I always enjoy raging on the battlefield against people from other continents. Protoss for life!"

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Deuce (Deuce)

"Call of Duty, because killin' mofos in video games is fun!"

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Ross Thompson (Van Canto)

"Gran Turismo is great for relaxing. I like Red Dead Redemption because of its really great storyline."

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Matteo Di Gioia (Destrage)

"Left 4 Dead 2. F---ing adrenalinic, meat-chewing, co-op face-melting. It's so much fun. And you can hack the baseball stick into a huge purple dildo to beat zombies down."

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Trevor Phipps (Unearth)

"The game we've played most as a group over the years is FIFA Soccer. We've gone through various gaming systems, but always wound up having some pretty heated FIFA tournaments. There have been many controllers thrown and broken, game consoles punched on more than a few occasions and friendships temporarily lost because of those tournaments. Even though emotions escalate at times it still helps us pass the time during some of those long drives."

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Olav Iversen (Sahg)

"FIFA 14. I love my soccer, and every once in a while I want to take my mind off music, band mates and the life of rock 'n roll, it's good to escape into the world of FIFA. It makes time fly, and it really gives you some of the thrill you get from watching or playing in a real soccer match. And like all things soccer, it works well with a cold brew!"

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Kalle Wallner (RPWL)

"We are big fans from FIFA! Since PlayStation 2 came out we've been hooked on it. Instead of recording or rehearsing we played the 2002 edition on and on. Strange to see that everybody in the band is so ambitious on this game. Of course we are all soccer fans. There are two teams in Munich: FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich. In our band we are half and half. I have the 2014 edition on my iPhone, but too little time to play. So we're all looking forward to the European tour in April. In the tour bus we'll have enough time to do an 'internal Bavarian Munich world' championship."

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Johannes Eckerström (Avatar)

"When we bring an Xbox, whatever the latest FIFA game is keeps everyone happy. Easy to get into and to leave when something of importance happens. Also good for drinking games and wagers. If it gets more competitive than that, someone would die."

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