Aside from a few memorable entries like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, there haven't been many video games that put you in the shoes of your favorite rock acts. Well we've teamed up with Loudwire to try and put an end to that. Inspired by Aerosmith: Revolution X, we asked some of today's top acts like Powerman 5000, Red Fang and more one of the hardest questions they've ever been asked:

If your band had a video game, what would it be called and what would it be?

  • Spider One (Powerman 5000)

    Invade, Destroy, Repeat! It would be a first-person shooter (Laser gun of course). The band embarks on a national tour just as the ultimate alien invasion begins! The band must make it to the gigs, destroy the alien threat and save mankind! Long live robot rock!

  • Matt Garzilli (Sworn Enemy)

    The arcade game would be named Borrowed Time. You would have to get the band to the gig on time. Destroying everything in your path on the way!!!!!
  • Tuomas (Amberian Dawn)

    Amberian Dawn's video game could be named Managing A Band Roulette, where your goal is to start a rock band and try to make it a worldwide success. At first you could choose your band members from a selection of famous musicians. AD's members are on that list, too. Every musician has different skills, abilities, etc. Your choices of musicians are critical, and in the worst case scenario the selected members just hate each other and the band breaks up before even hitting the studio first time. You could also make line-up changes, change your manager, hire a touring crew, etc. The band would need to record albums, make record deals for different territories and try to organize tours. Also getting sponsors is important. The ultimate goal is to become biggest band in the world and do shows for sold out stadiums worldwide.

  • Johannes Eckerstrom (Avatar)

    It has very little to do with the band, but wouldn't it be awesome to have your own very Japanese, party-based RPG game? I am thinking Phantasy Star IV for Sega Genesis but with us, I would shout, "Flaeli!" and stuff!

    Otherwise I would totally dig a mod for N64 Goldeneye and have a slapping only deathmatch with us in it, although it would suck for me because I'm the tallest. In any case I want us to be the playable characters, Aerosmith get kidnapped in theirs, which kind of sucks.

    Wait, I've got it! A beat 'em up/ shoot 'em up like Metal Slug meets Castle Crashers with levels inspired by the vibes of our songs! Imagine the level for "Use Your Tongue," or "Death of Sound!" Can someone make this happen? I can't pay you, but I promise I'll play it!

  • Red Fang

    Our video game would be called 'Man, my "?" Hurts'. It would be like The Sims, but takes place in a 15 passenger Econoline where you have to adjust your posture or seating position to avoid various aches and pains. Occasionally battling terrible flatulent wave bosses, victory is achieved after 30 days of terrible jokes and toilets with no locking doors.

  • Eoin Loveless (Drenge)

    We used to play Revolution X all the time at our local ice rink. It was great because, as well as baddies, you had to shoot all these platinum disks; like a real rockstar! A Drenge video game wouldn't be far off the Guitar Hero/Rock Band formula, except all your gear breaks at random points during the set and it's followed by a button bashing segment where you see how many tears you can cry in your hotel room.

  • Jerad Pierskalla (For All Those Sleeping)

    If For All Those Sleeping had a video game it would be called FATS Food Challenge! You would start out by picking a band member and starting their career in the world of food-eating contests. Level by level, you will work your way up to the top to compete against the mighty Kobayashi, and prove yourself to be the ultimate food-eating challenger. Do you have what it takes?!

  • Cameron Leahy (The Downtown Fiction)

    We'd definitely have a skateboarding-themed game. You'd have to do a series of tricks and grinds in order to keep the music going. Tony Hawk meets Rockband! We'd call it Downtown Friction \m/!

  • The Atlas Moth

    If The Atlas Moth had a video game it would be a survival horror game set at an immigration office. You'd have to sneak around solving puzzles and collecting paperwork, while avoiding being spotted and killed by border guards. It could be called Temporary Resident Evil.

  • Pet the Preacher

    Our game would be called "Oh Sh--." It is a roleplaying game where you have to locate and capture a preacher who is on a rampage in a big, futuristic city. He is drunk, drugged and violent, raging around town comitting crimes and partying. You are the preacher's son, and every time you see him do something sick in the news or read about him in a newspaper, you go, "Oh sh--." Also, your character does not have any legs, so he can't catch the preacher, which also means you can't win the game. It will not be a seller.

  • Erik Olson (Lord Dying)

    If we had a video game made for Lord Dying, I would want it to be about a guy named Chester Geoffrey that was not a vampire, but a vampire hunter hunter. Basically he just goes around killing vampire hunters. He's not a vampire himself, but he's definitely a vampire enthusiast. This game would rule.

  • Mr. V (Vintersorg)

    If Vintersorg was doing a game, it would be something about the relation between man and nature. One idea would certainly be around the search for our place as humans in this vast system. A kind of adventure that goes beyond the material order and with a philosophical touch. "First Man to the End of the World" would be something that I would consider as a title. This is of course not probably what the kids want, but I would find that interesting.

  • Telle Smith (The Word Alive)

    If The Word Alive had a video game, we'd probably have to name it Jungle Juice. It's been an inside joke for a long time now, and is a part of our pre-show chant ritual.

  • Pekka Ansio (Brother Firetribe)

    Brother Firetribe's video game would most definitely be Commodore 64 Summer Games/Tennis or Die!

  • Frankie Palmeri (Emmure)

    I think our game would be called "TOUROCK Snack Hunter." It would be a simulation/quick-time event game based on what it's like to be in EMMURE. You'd go on tour and you'd wait around in random rooms, and then you get to do like a Parappa The Rappa-style quick-time thing, and then you have us perform. The bonus round is eating as many snacks as possible before time is up.