Arcade Sushi Asks is our newest feature, where we ask writers, editors, celebrity personalities, directors, rock stars and anyone else we can buy off to answer important video game questions. Each Arcade Sushi Asks feature will have answers from new and interesting people.

For this edition of Arcade Sushi Asks, we hit the streets of Facebook and asked our fans to answer this important question. Many of you chomped at the bit to give us your valued and informative opinion. Some of you just made sex jokes. Oh, internet.

So what did we ask our Facebook faithful? Just this simple question:

“What is your favorite Zelda game and why?”

  • Travy Ewing

    Majora's Mask

    "It had the complexity in the story line of OOT, but the sinister dark world that everyone will eninevitabl die in 72 hours unless a child, who is completely away from home and element, can travel through space and time to conquer the world destroyer known as Majora.

    He has to push himself far beyond his Triforce of courage to muster the courage to defeat an all new evil unbeknownst to everybody except The Happy Mask salesmen.

    Simply beautiful."

  • Louie Gomez

    Ocarina of Time

    "Because it's a compilation of all the best parts of previous Zelda games."

  • Grant Hargrove

    A Link to the Past

    "The transition from 8 to 16-bit was a giant leap. And to have diagonal movement opened up so many more tactics. To me as far as the "3/4 overhead view" games go. This is as good as it gets."

  • Pedro Adamo

    Wind Waker

    "It was the last one to try something truly new."

  • Anthony Sergio Frisa

    Majora's Mask

    "Implies Ocarina of Time's Link's death and last growth as a person before moving on and becoming the Hero's Spirit in Twilight Princess."

  • Andrea Briones

    Twilight Princess

    "Because the cast of supporting characters were so diverse, unlike Ocarina of Time, without them being too "fru-fru." Temples and dungeons were challenging and fresh while still keeping the Zelda format. Each quest fit well into the story without it feeling like a scavenger hunt like Skyward Sword. Midna is so sassy and bossy, one would find her annoying and hard to read, but when she was on the verge of dying, we all felt helpless and a part of us wanted her to stay. And the music... God... The music perfectly fits its person, event, and enviornment. Everything to Ordon Village's whimsical and serene Theme to the touching and unforgiving tune of Midna's Lament. All the events in the game conveyed amazing emotional scenes like Skyward Sword and gave you a sense of freedom like OoT and Spirit Tracks. I also tend to be a sucker for the "Light vs Dark" concept, or in this case, Light vs Twilight vs Dark, especially when it includes deities. Twilight Princess gives us a great example of a dark side of a series like Majora's Mask. Although OoT was a close 2nd along with the first game to make me cry, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess "shines" above all the rest."

  • Matt Dodson

    Wind Waker

    "The way the story develops and links back to Ocarina of Time was pretty awesome, and the sense of adventure granted by the huge, randomized world map was fantastic. The art style allowed us to see the franchise in a light we'd never considered, albeit not quite so popular. The boss fights were amazing, especially right after getting the Master Sword. Finally fighting the Helmaroc King, and Ganondorf's final battle. Never a dull moment... other than stopping to change the wind's direction!

  • Shaun Holley

    Link's Awakening

    "So much in one little cart."

  • David Jackson

    Twilight Princess

    "It was like playing a very real Zelda. Everything was so in depth. I mean, picture a Mario game as deep and defined as TP. I believe Nintendo should push all of there games to the max and make their games more realistic then ever. Picture a Star Fox with almost true to life graphics, yet it would still retain the elements in the game that make Star Fox Star Fox or Mario Kart. Even Metroid could retain its 2d style but almost true to life realism."

  • Brittney Rogers

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    "Because it made my nipples hard & my c**chie moist."