Arcade Sushi Asks is our newest feature, where we ask writers, editors, celebrity personalities, directors, rock stars and anyone else we can buy off to answer important video game questions. Each Arcade Sushi Asks feature will have answers from new and interesting people.

For this edition of Arcade Sushi Asks, we scoured the internet and grabbed a bunch of different rock stars to answer this important question. We've got members of Black Veil Brides, Exodus, Pop Evil, Broken Hope, Saxon and more. Who knew that some of your favorite rock stars were such huge gamers? A lot of their answers are... interesting, to say the least.

What did we ask them? Just this simple question:

"If You Could Be Any Video Game Character, Who Would You Be?"

  • Andy Biersack

    Black Veil Brides

    "Ken Griffey JR, from Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey JR because he was always so positive, and he taught me to have fun! Also, every batter looked like they had to sh*t."

  • Rob Dukes


    “I want to be Master Chief or any of the drivers from Baja 1000 or Dirt. Master Chief is just a badass and the Halo world is really cool to me. And, of course, my aspirations of being a race car driver are the reasons for my other choices. Driving fast is my favorite thing to do when I’m not on tour.”

  • Stix Zadinia

    Steel Panther

    "The Hitman from the game Hitman because I think traveling the world killing people would be both a cathartic and quite an exciting, dangerous lifestyle. Or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider so I could play with my p**** and t*** all day."

  • Emilie Autumn

    Emilie Autumn

    “Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers. It is the only video game that I has ever played and I beat it. I saved the Princess.”

  • Ken Susi


    "I pick the main character of my favorite game Rush'n Attack. The main player takes on the role of a United States Special Operations soldier infiltrating an enemy military base in order to save several POW's from being executed by firing squad. The player gets to run through 4 stages that look an awful lot like 1980's communist Russia. Actually, the games name was changed to Green Baret after a while. Back to the game, the main character runs around and stabbing everyone in his way. Sometimes you get to receive special weapons like a flame thrower, hand grenades, and RPG's. Your Mission is to save the world and the POW's. Why would i want to be this character? There is nothing that i like better then a game or movie that is cold war 80's based. Plus, killing dudes with a sweet mustache!?!? count me in! This game gets me going every time that I play it! It's truly a classic!"

  • Stefan, Buster, Marcus, Kristoffer

    Humanity's Last Breath

    Stefan Bengtsson: "Zeratul from Starcraft, because he's a badass when he needs to be, and he can make himself invisible."
    Buster Odeholm: "Luka from Bayonetta because then I get a chance to screw Bayonetta."
    Marcus Hultqvist: "I would be Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. How would you not want to be a pumped up, testosterone-fueled badass killing machine with a chainsaw gun? A CHAINSAW GUN!"
    Kristoffer Nilsson: "Trevor in GTA 5 because he is pure evil and brutality personified. And that is what HLB is all about!"

  • Biff Byford


    "Sonic the Hedgehog! Fast and cool with some awesome moves. First game I really got into!"

  • Dan Garguilo


    "If I could be any character from any video game, it would probably be Bowser. He's huge, and he's banging a princess behind that chump Mario's back. Not to mention he commands an army of mindless turtles."

  • Chachi Riot

    Pop Evil

    "There's tons of cool characters that have been turned into video games. Being I'm a classic guy, though, and sticking with that, I'd choose to be Super Mario. Why? Mario has loads of friends to hang with, including a dinosaur (Yoshi), he's constantly pursuing the beautiful Princess (who's totally into him), he has countless super abilities he can acquire (tanuki suit being my favorite. A party favorite, statue ability, flight... Wow). Mario has a KILLER 'stache, he can smash bricks with his dome, and all that combined makes Mario a super standup guy. He seems like a (semi) normal dude just out to do good and save his woman with the help of a bunch of buddies (snagging coin and smashing punks while at it). Kirby is a close second -- I love to eat. LOL!

  • Mike Perez

    No Bragging Rights

    "If I could be any character from a childhood video game, it would definitely be Simon Belmont. Simon is the vampire killer in the game Castlevania. Hunting for Dracula through massive creepy castles... I find that hard to beat!"

  • Jeremy Wagner

    Broken Hope

    "I would want to be the 'Lone Wanderer' from Fallout 3 because: a). I like the idea of being a nomad in a post-apocalyptic world, and (b). more appealing to me, I like collecting all kinds of weapons and killing every single living thing in sight."

  • Cam Murray


    "I'd definitely be Roy (Fire Emblem/Super Smash Bros Melee). He was the quintessential hero for me back in those days leading up to middle school. Total badass, war hero, can literally blow up mountainsides with a sword, and look awesome at the same time? I'll have what he's having."