Some of the most recognizable video game characters like Sonic, Mario and Master Chief become mascots for their respective publishers and developers. The same could be said of some pretty major rock acts. Larger than life characters like Iron Maiden's zombie trooper, Eddie, became as synonymous with the band as the music itself. For this installment of Arcade Sushi Asks, we again teamed with our hard rocking brothers over at Loudwire to hit bands like Steel Panther, Emmure and Revocation with the most important question of their careers:

Megadeth had Vic Rattlehead. Iron Maiden had Eddie. What video game character would make the best mascot for your band, and why?

  • Theory of a Deadman

    For us, the best mascot would have to be Michael De Santa from Grand Theft Auto 5. 'Savages' is our fifth installment and just like him were the bad guy everyone really loves. We get the girls, have fun and punch out hookers!

  • Stix Zadinia (Steel Panther)

    The guy from Dig-Dug would be our mascot. He just seems like he'd be a cool hang. He also blows shit up with squiggly arrows and air. Lastly, you can't f--k with the old school 8-bit graphics. They're super bitchin'.

  • Dan Gargiulo (Revocation)

    The answer is Duke Nukem. He kills aliens, parties, and loves strippers. Plus he's super ripped and good looking, and a total bad ass. Check that hair, and those shades!

  • Frankie Palmeri (Emmure)

    Probably Mega Man. He constantly has to adapt and learn new things to defeat his enemies. Much like us we are constantly having to adapt and learn to survive while on the road all the while staying creative and tackling new obstacles.

  • Joey Walser (Devour the Day)

    The first thing that came to mind, when asked which video game character would best represent our band, was actually, not one, but two famous heroes as our band is a true duo. I saw myself and Blake (Allison) running through and multi-layered everglades, spread guns in hand, as we meticulously destroy bouncing soldier after bouncing soldier; destroying every cubed Gatling gun in our way. I'm talking about, none other than, the dynamic pair from Contra.

    It makes perfect sense! The music business is the machine-based, alien, robot enemy and we are fighting our way through its two-dimensional attempts to send us to our metaphoric deaths. We will not give up until we reach the giant, underground, purple head of the beast and destroy it once and for all. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, select, start. Enough said!

  • Scott Kay (Voyager)

    Our band mascot would be Samus from Metroid because she's modern, but her suit resembles something straight out of an '80s sci-fi movie. She's fiery, kicks a lot of ass, and is a woman, like our guitarist, Simone.

  • Jon Bodan (Halcyon Way)

    I’m not sure about a video game character exactly, but we have a character we call “The Nailhead” that has been on all of our album art since the beginning. He’s our Eddie, and he’s a bad ass. I guess if you wanted to compare the Nailhead to a video game character, I’d have to say one of the monsters from Dead Space would be a starting point!

  • Dan Wilson (Lydia Can't Breathe)

    Our video game character would probably be the heroine from our animated music video "Time," our new album's title track. She is a small girl who is society's outcast. Haunting pupil-less eyes and long flowing hair that seems to take on a life of its own. She seems weak and timid at first, but when tides turn she changes into a being that can transcended the boundaries of nature and physics.