Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

We're sure you haven't exhausted the oodles of fun you got from last week's downloads, but there are some heavy hitters this week that cannot be ignored.
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Video
Luigi may be armed with the Poltergust 5000, but that doesn't stop our hero from getting the shakes in a new story intro video for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Coming out March 24th on the Nintendo 3DS, the title has Luigi being sucked into saving Professor E. Gadd from a plethora of chaos …
Year of Luigi!
During Thursday's Nintendo Direct conference, company president Satoru Iwata declared 2013 would be the year of Luigi, and gave us new insight into Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Luigi's Mansion: DM
The official site for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon states the upcoming Nintendo 3DS sequel will feature multiplayer of some sort.