Your favorite online retailer's new game studio revealed three exclusive titles for its Amazon Fire mobile devices.

Eurogamer reports that Amazon Game Studios has announced three new exclusive titles for the company's Fire devices. This past spring, Amazon launched its set top box, the Amazon Fire TV, which came with a controller for its game offerings. Now, Amazon Game Studios is moving in to help establish the online retailer as a big contender in the gaming marketplace. Factoring in that Amazon scooped up Killer Instinct's reboot creators at Double Helix for future game development, it looks like the company means business.

Amazon Game Studios revealed Tales From Deep Space, CreepStorm and Til Morning's Light as its three exclusives. It also has BloodRayne: Betrayal on the way as well. Til Morning's Light has a new trailer (provided above) and is an action-adventure game about a teenager trapped in a mansion where she must fight demons and solve puzzles to escape. Tales From Space is a 2.5D platformer for Amazon Fire tablets. Lastly, CreepStorm is an RPG-inspired tower defense game for the Fire tablet. CreepStorm is an animated horror game where you must line up vampire hunters to fight off the undead.

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