Get it? Because the game’s a platformer? And the game is coming to other consoles? So it’s jumping to … OK, you know what? We aren’t getting paid to be funny.

Urban Trial Freestyle, the Tate Multimedia developed Trials Evolution clone that arguably does the job better than the original, is heading to both the 3DS and iOS this spring. The game was originally launched for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita and is available on the PlayStation Network right now. Being that Trials Evolution was exclusive to the Xbox 30, Urban Trial Freestyle was originally also exclusive to PlayStation platforms, until now.

According to VG 247, The 3DS and iOS versions will be much like the original PlayStation versions. They will both come with 45 tracks and 64 custom bike set-ups. It was previously advertised that the 3DS version of Urban Trial Freestyle will be the only version that will come with a track editor, a feature that fans of “trials” type games have been asking for, for a while now.

Unfortunately, the vague release window of “spring” is all that we are getting in terms of a release date. We do know, however, that the 3DS version will be digital only, available through the Nintendo eShop. We will bring you more information about Urban Trial Freestyle’s upcoming multi-platform release as it becomes available.