We were psyched to report last month that developer True Axis was working on a brand new skatepark for an upcoming update to their great finger skateboarding title True Skate. Well ready your digits skate fans, because that update has gone live and the game is ready to be refreshed! Click through to find out more.

The new park in True Skate is called Inbound and is available as in-app purchase for one American dollar. Like we previously reported, it's an indoor skatepark and it's giant. We know that it may seem like a cash grab since Inbound is an in-app purchase, but this is well worth it and will keep you flicking ollies for a while.

You can also customize your board in this new update with lots of different things, like your own photos for instance! You can browse through the pics stored on your phone and paste one to the bottom of your deck. It's a fun way to personalize your board and really makes it feel like your own.

Unfortunately, if you want to do unlimited customization, you will have to purchase it for a buck. That kind of feels like a cash grab. But none of us are perfect.

If you've never seen the game in action, check out the trailer below: