The latest episode of the Tomb Raider: Guide to Survival series has been posted, showing us neophytes how to help Lara fight her way to victory.

The guide focuses on four different aspects of combat to ensure that Lara makes it out of her scrape alive: Stealth, Using the Environment, Evade & Counter, and Weapon Parts.

Lara can use stealth to sneak up on her enemies and take them down silently, thereby reducing the number of scavengers in the area without alerting them. This is important since she's heavily outnumbered, so keeping the bad guys clueless is to her advantage.

She can use the environment to conserve ammo, letting everything else in her immediate vicinity to do the work for her. Lara can shoot at red barrels and lanterns in order to get the jump on enemies by making them explode or setting them on fire. The scavengers can also do this and will often use flanking tactics while Lara is distracted, so it's imperative that players be aware of their surroundings.

By evading and countering, Lara can turn opponents' attacks against them. She'll learn abilities through different skill trees that will help her go toe-to-toe with baddies. In the Brawler tree, she can learn a skill called Dirty Tricks that has her throwing up dirt into her enemies' faces, temporarily stunning them so she can set up a kill shot or push them off a cliff. It's not the most sporting of tactics, but then again, they're not the most sporting of opponents.

The final aspect involved gathering weapon parts from around the island. Lara can come across weapons in the game, but they'll most likely be in terrible condition. A little exploration will turn up weapon parts that can be used to augment her current collection of  anti-scavenger tools. She'll have access to lots of attachments that will help her in any situation.

Brush up on your survival skills by watching the video below! And watch out for the game when it hits shelves on March 5th, 2013.