Titanfall's Monsters and Burn Cards Revealed

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Early access to Titanfall's art book may have revealed the existence of alien monsters you could possibly encounter on the battlefield as a leaked Burn Card list reveals all the perks you can equip on your pilot.

Over on IGN, the site uncovered that Titanfall could possibly include in-game alien life as enemies both warring factions will encounter on the battlefield thanks to an advanced copy of the game's art book. One level, called "Boneyard" is set on Planet Leviathan, which is named after massive, flying creatures which caused such a problem that the planet was deemed uninhabitable. There are also multiple, smaller lifeforms that are featured in the art book as well. Could they be Titanfall's equivalent of the Flood interfering with the Spartan and Covenant war?

The art book (which you can order here) also hints at non-Titan vehicles, such as tanks and combat drones. The book also reveals weapons that were not included in Titanfall's beta, such as the Avenger chaingun, electricity-firing Arc Cannon and plasma-shooting, long-range Rail Gun.

Additionally, MP1ST managed to put together a complete list of the Burn Cards included in Titanfall. These cards act as a perk system for pilots (each player character) and each card offers a distinct, one-match bonus upon each use. These items made their debut in the beta, and thanks to some persistence, a complete catalog was compiled.

While we have provided a few examples of the unveiled list of cards, anyone who would like to see the entire Burn Card list can do so at visiting Redditor Druidka's Imgur album.

Titanfall is due to drop in from orbit on March 11 for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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