It seems like we've been all about the ninjas lately, here on Arcade Sushi. But I think we have room for just one more before the week is over, so let's welcome Soul Calibur's Taki, today's Cosplay of the Day.

Taki is a master ninja with some ridiculous acrobatic attacks in the Soul Calibur series. Though she wasn't around in the series' latest title, she was there in spirit as her apprentice, Natsu, took her place. Even though she's gone (hopefully not forever), her high-flying attacks and out-of-this-world looks will always have a place in our gaming hearts.

Dressed up in Taki's Soul Calibur 2 outfit is Miss Sinister, an American cosplayer who just about embodies the character's fighting soul. She's got every detail of the costume down, even when it comes to the face mask. If you ask us, she probably stepped out of the game world and into our own, which explains why Taki's missing in Soul Calibur 5.

See more of her fantastic cosplay on her deviantART and let us know what you think of this beautiful ninja.

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