Xianghua is one of the most beloved characters in the Soul Calibur series. This pint-sized fighter has some of the most graceful moves and can even hurt you by throwing a temper tantrum. But her range of ornate costumes over the years has earned her a spot as a perfect Cosplay of the Day

You might remember Xianghua as the petite, sword-wielding fighter who twirls around the stage and attacks you as if she was dancing, whirling this way and that. Her flexibility and the power she packs in such a tiny package makes her one of the best characters to use in any Soul Calibur game.

Here is Foxtale, an American cosplayer, in Xianghua's red alternate outfit from Soul Calibur 2. While the costume itself is pretty accurate, we enjoy the fact that she's taken to adopting a variety of the character's poses and stances. She mimics the moves so well that you'd think they used her to mo-cap Xianghua's attacks!

See more examples of her cosplay on her Cosplay.com profile. She's got over 350 pictures for you to see, so check them out now.

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