We think it's high time to feature another League of Legends cosplayer. Let's take a look at LeBlanc, the Deceiver in today's Cosplay of the Day.

LeBlanc hails from the dark city-state of Noxus and is a dark magician with whom you do not want to trifle. This sorceress has a darkness about her, as if she was an evil queen from an old fairy tale.

Here as LeBlanc is ExileFayt, dressed up in the character's Prestigious skin, which makes her look more like a stage magician than a sorceress. Her face paint makes her look almost malevolent, even though ExileFayt herself looks very pleasant. It's a strange mix that actually kinda works for us.

See more of ExileFayt's great cosplay work on deviantART and let us know if she was able to cast a spell on you.

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