Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone Review (iOS)
Most of them time, if someone’s playing with small, multicolored, multi-sized blocks, that someone is a child. Bossa Studios came in to put a stop to that with Thomas Was Alone, making it A-okay for people of all ages to play with blocks again.
Thomas Was Alone Joins the PlayStation Network
Thomas Was Alone, the indie platformer from Mike Bithell and Curve Studios, is now available on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, putting a simple, but charming platformer in the hands of players. The game is now available for North American players for $9.99. European …
Four New Cross-Buy Indie Titles on PSN
Sony has embraced the indie for the month of April. They’ll be featuring cross-buy deals for the PS3 and Vita for four indie titles that are enough to make you salivate. From now until May 6th, you’ll be able to pick up any of the four titles that Sony is featuring on the PSN. They [[&#…