Halfbrick Studios

Colossatron: Massive World Threat Review
Whenever I see a new Halfbrick Studios game appear on the App Store, I get positively giddy. Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are some of my favorites mobile games ever, so I expected big things from their newest offering, Colossatron: Massive World Threat.
Band Star Review
I love freebies as much as the next person, but many free to play games are encumbered with advertisements and in-app purchases. Band Star attempts to make beautiful music in a freemium universe, ushering a melody which we might actually want to hear.
Fish Out Of Water! Review

In a world of gritty games where paranoia, blood, and violence rule the day, it is nice to know that there are still some developers holding down the fort of adorable games. These little tastes of cute are a welcome respite from the usual cynical offering and help round out a gamer’s palette. Adorab…
Meet the Real Life Fruit Ninja
There's no denying that Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular games in the App Store. With millions of downloads and trillions of fruit sliced, it's a game that keeps growing in popularity. But what would a real life Fruit Ninja look like? Suppose he'd look like this dude.
Fruit Ninja HD — Free App of the Day
It should come as no surprise that Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja is one of our favorite games. After all, we are Arcade Sushi. So in a way, we are kind of obligated to like this game. It also doesn't hurt that it's legit awesome. This is some of the most fun you can have on iOS! The HD version of the game…

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