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10 Pokemon We Don’t Want in Pokemon GO
At this point, it’s safe to call Pokémon GO a certified global phenomenon. I could quote a lot of numbers, but there’s not really a point to doing so. It’s huge. It’s everywhere. It’s the subject of every other article that comes across your Facebook feed. It&…
Twitch Plays Pokemon Evolves to Pokemon X and Y
Earlier this year, Twitch channel Twitch Plays Pokemon created something of a sensation by allowing viewers to control the in-game action by entering commands in the chat window, creating a unique and bizarre cooperative single-player experience.
Pokemon Devs Bringing HarmoKnight to the 3DS
HarmoKnight, a new side-scrolling title from the development team behind Pokemon, will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS eShop March 28th. While the Nintendo 3DS has a pretty solid showing during Thursday’s Nintendo Direct event as far as full-fledged retail releases are concerned, there was ju…