Forza Horizon

Xbox Countdown to 2014 Sale Discounts Forza Games Today
Did you want more sales for Xbox 360? You’re in luck, because the Xbox Countdown to 2014 Sale continues with some Forza Horizon content. According to Major Nelson’s blog, Forza Horizon is available for 50% off in the Xbox Marketplace. To complement your purchase of Forza Horizon, the S…
Free Forza Horizon DLC Coming out Tomorrow
Tomorrow marks the day that Forza Horizon gets a brand new piece of free downloadable content. The new pack called the 1,000 Club Expansion Pack, will come with 1,000 new challenges, 10 new Xbox Live achievements, and two brand new cars. According to Gamespot, the DLC also features brand new challen…
New Forza Horizon DLC Puts You Into Top Gear
A new add-on for Forza Horizon will be available on April 2nd, which adds six new cars hand-picked by the Top Gear team. Due to arrive on the Xbox 360 on Tuesday for $5 (400MSP), the Top Gear pack allows you to get behind the wheels of stylish rare cars like the 1998 Mercedes Benz […]
Forza Horizon to Receive Recaro Car Pack
Do you want more cars with crazy amounts of letters and numbers in their names? Then hang on tight, because Forza Horizon will be getting a new car pack right in time to rev in the New Year. Once January 1st, 2013 hits, not only will we have a new year, but Forza Horizon players […]