Defiance’s New Video Shows Life as an Ark Hunter
Defiance has begun its assault on the worlds of gaming and prime-time television, bringing us the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which we share the broken earth with alien beings while hunting down pieces of crashed alien technology. This latest video for the game gives us a peek into the…
Defiance Continues To Work Out Its Gaming Kinks
Defiance continues to have its various issues improved, and executive producer Nathan Richardsson wrote on the game's community site that servers are being taken down to, "deploy code fixes or reconfiguration at a pretty rapid rate."
Defiance Showrunner Is Mapping Out A Second Season
The Syfy series Defiance doesn't premiere until April 15th, and Trion Worlds' game tie-in comes out April 2nd. Still, the future looks bright for the series and its companion game, as Indie Wire reports showrunner Kevin Murphy is already plotting out season two!