Defiance has begun its assault on the worlds of gaming and prime-time television, bringing us the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which we share the broken earth with alien beings while hunting down pieces of crashed alien technology. This latest video for the game gives us a peek into the life of the people, called Ark Hunters, who search for such technology.

The Votan were a peaceful alliance of extraterrestrials who immigrated to Earth and tried to coexist with humans. All was fine, until somewhere along the line, someone decided that this planet belonged to human beings and war erupted for seven years.

Now in the aftermath, the world has been terra-formed beyond all recognition and pieces of alien technology from the ravaged Votan ships keeps raining down on Earth. Ark Hunters seek out this tech at great risk to their lives, since many alien dangers can be found around the world, making the once-hospitable planet an enemy to its own people.

Watch the video below and see just how tough life is for the denizens of Defiance and let us know if you'd want to join the hunt in the game.