Sunset Overdrive Gameplay, Day One Edition and Screenshots Revealed


Insomniac Games has announced some new details about its upcoming "awesomepocalypse" game, Sunset Overdrive, along with the announcement of a Day One Edition.

Microsoft Studios and Insomniac Games have unveiled a preview of its upcoming third-person shooter, Sunset Overdrive. Overdrive is filled with charm and is a tribute to the likes ofTony Hawk: Pro Skater, Jet Set Radio, Dead Rising and the Prince of Persia. On top of this intriguing preview, Insomniac has also announced that the Day One Edition of Sunset Overdrive will include free digital content, such as the Fizzie outfit, the "Nothin' but the Hits" gun (which is a supercharged version of the High Fidelity weapon) and a giant hammer made from a baseball bat and spiked dumb-bells.

A new video provided by Insomniac offers a first look into the gameplay of Sunset Overdrive. Sunset plays wonderfully, offering a variety of fun ways to explore the world and kill as many zombie mutants as you can along the way. While this seems like a toned-down version of Dead Rising 3, once you start playing Sunset Overdrive, you will realize that it has got a ton of personality and unique mechanics. Nothing beats grinding along power lines, shooting mutants along the way and doing an inFamous-esque jump 100 yards into the air to perform a heavy, explosive attack where you land.

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