Starcraft 2 Kerrigan Statues is The Queen of Collectibles

Side Show Toy

The empress of the Zerg, Kerrigan, looks like she was pulled straight out of a Starcraft 2 cinematic with this amazing and detailed statue.

Sideshow Toys has revealed its newest statue, Kerrigan, from Starcraft 2. The Queen of Blades is a former Ghost agent who has been infested and contorted into this insect-humanoid visage, and she has never looked better than in this statue form -- it looks like she was taken straight from her chrysalis. This 25-inch-tall Zerg Overmind agent is immensely detailed.

Our only complaint is that her chest and rear end are both reddened, which looks effeminate and weird considering her character. This is no complaint to Sideshow, since they made the statue perfectly inline with Blizzard's designs. We just think that trying to make an insectoid queen look "sexy" in this manner is rather strange. Are you telling us that she happened to uncontrollably grow carapaces and other Zerg-like exoskeletal parts everywhere around her except her chest and booty? Come on now, Blizzard.

Nevertheless, this amazing statue will start taking pre-orders on Aug. 21, and will cost $379.99.

Sideshow Toys
Sideshow Toys
Sideshow Toys
Sideshow Toys
Sideshow Toys
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