You're never entirely sure what you'll be getting out of a workout app, especially if you're the type that is looking for one to keep you on the right track after a hiatus of exercising, in which I say shame on you for putting that off. Spirit Runner serves not only as a fun and simple workout app, but provides much needed motivation for those who could use some helpful words in order to keep them going.

The front page of Spirit Runner is interesting to figure out when you first click on the app, only because you're greeted with a big beautiful picture and a couple of small buttons at the bottom. Where do you start first? The activity log is fairly easy to deal with, except it's rather limited in it's options of exercise. It ranges from running to cheerleading, all the way to lawn mowing and bowling, of all things. It basically lists all sorts of random activities but stops just there. If you click on weightlifting, the screen will not change so you can start plugging in what weights you used in your last workout session. All you can do is put down the date, time, distance, activity level and some notes or people you may have been with while your exercise was happening. It doesn't leave much room for anything else to be added in there, or if what you're doing is beneficial to you in some way other than the fact that it's great to get off your butt and exercise. If you're looking for something to tell you how many calories you're burning off by canoeing, this is the wrong app to use. Mind you this is a kids app so it's a little more basic than some of the other workout apps out there.

Then again, there are a couple of good things about it. The artwork in Spirit Runner is definitely the shining star of the entire app. With it's cool Native American-like drawings and symbols, it washes away the sharp and hyper-tension designs of other workout apps and is more peaceful in doing so. In keeping with the theme of tranquility, the app provides you with a variety of motivational quotes. The mixture of quotes is a little bit broad, ranging from Michael Jordan to Napoleon Bonaparte, but it serves its purpose.

The reminders button is really helpful in keeping your routine on track. It'll work the same way as an alarm clock on your phone, notifying you when it's time to get out of the house and go on a nice run. It even uses a step tracker to count your distance and what route you're taking once you kick in the GPS tracker. And similar to video games, you get achievements along the way that are another great motivator. It'll reward you for scheduling your routines properly, running a certain distance, or even going out there and exercising with your friends. It's the digital equivalent of somebody giving you a pat on the back and congratulating you on a job well done.

Spirit Runner may be a little rough around the edges with it's activity log, but the main focus of this app is to motivate its users to go out there and really embrace exercising on a daily basis, and the outdoors as well. Yes, this app is geared towards kids, but adults can easily use this as well.


App Store Link: Spirit Runner for iPhone & iPad | By Every Kid Deserves A Chance, Inc. | Price: Free | Version: 1.2 | 12.4 MB | Rating: 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating