Consumers who are exasperated over the connectivity issues of SimCity will not be offered refunds for their game, reports Polygon. A tweet today from Origin reminded SimCity fans that, "in general we do not offer refunds on digital download games."

On Tuesday, Origin global community manager Marcel Hatam, in an attempt to soothe the tempers of SimCity purchasers, posted on the EA Forums that fans can request a refund for their order and that they were, "still in the process of resolving this issue." Hatam's post has been edited to, "please review our refund policy here."

Earlier today, Amazon was not offering SimCity for sale, as they listed them item as unavailable. As of late this afternoon the PC download version was listed as available, although they did post a note acknowledging SimCity's connectivity issues.

At 5:00 pm pst, EA posted the following SimCity update: "The North America West Server will be undergoing maintenance. During this time, access to this server may be unavailable."