The run-and-gun genre has been synonymous with dying repeatedly. Luckily, Super Time Force gives you the ability to rewind, regroup and get some revenge.

Polygon reports that Capybara Games has officially announced the launch date of its side-scrolling, time-travelling shoot 'em up, Super Time Force. With characters named Dolphin Lundgren and Melanie Gibson, you know that this hectic, retro-esque shooter is filled with personality and jokes. Super Time Force may certainly look like a tribute to the 8-bit run-and-gun titles of old, but it still tries to advance the genre in its own way.

In Super Time Force, you play a part of a group of a militant time travelers who can swap out their corpses for another member of the group upon death. In other words, if you die, you can rewind time to a few moments back, choose a different character and unleash hell while knowing what's around the corner. This offers a Prince of Persia-esque style of approach to shooting that we haven't seen before.

Be ready to run, gun and die numerous times as Super Time Force will be launching on May 14 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.