Severed Trailer: Phantom Limb Syndrome Turns Monstrous


The studio that has brought us Guacamelee has unveiled the debut trailer for its latest title.

DrinkBox Studios' newest title, Severed, lives up to its namesake. Throughout this announcement trailer, we see a battle-worn, female warrior lose her arm after a battle with an unseen foe. In Monster Hunter fashion, the warrior crafts herself a new sword, presumably out of the still-living remains of the monster she recently vanquished.

Jamie Lannister be praised, because for a one-armed swordsman, this female swordsman is quite fearsome. She takes you on a first-person, dungeon-crawling adventure where you use touch-screen controls to slice and swipe your way through a multitude of enemies. Along the way, you will be severing the limbs off of some legendary monsters and be attaching these amputated pieces to your own body to make you stronger. By the end of the trailer, the female fighter is completely decked out in a multitude of armor pieces made from the remains of monsters that are still alive as a part of her.

While no consoles have been officially announced, we expect that Severed will be going to mobile devices based on its touch-screen gameplay. We're hoping that this stunning dungeon-crawler will also come out for PS Vita, 3DS and Wii U based on its swiping first-person combat. Nevertheless, expect Severed to come out sometime in 2015. Stay tuned as we will continue to provide more coverage on Severed once more information (and limbs) turn up.

DrinkBox Studios
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