Sega Reveals New Sonic Boom Characters


Later this year, Sega will release a pair of Nintendo-exclusive action adventure games under the title Sonic Boom. The Wii U will be host to Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, while Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal will appear on the 3DS. Today, the Sega Blog revealed a slew of non-playable characters that will appear in the games as well as the animated series that will follow.

Over a dozen new characters are revealed on the Sega Blog, with most set to appear in Rise of Lyric. True to the Sonic tradition, almost all the new characters are anthropomorphic versions of animals, such as the elderly turtle Old Tucker, canine caretaker Doc Ginger, and blowhard mouse Mayor Tinker, as well as a pair of seafaring hippopotami brothers named Salty and Pepper and two beavers named Fastidious Beaver and Chef Woody.

A few characters appear to be hedgehogs, including Cliff, the elder statesman, the street-smart and beautiful Perci, the clueless Foreman Fred and Hayward, a farmhand with his head in the clouds. One of the more bizarre additions to the series is the duo of Hokey and Pokey, a pair of elderly married jellyfish who get around on robot legs and spend all day arguing. Both games will feature a robotic guide character named Q-N-C (pronounced ‘Quincy’), who tries to make up for his evil origins by helping Sonic and his friends defeat his creator, the evil Lyric.

While none of these characters will be playable in either Sonic Boom game, it’s cool to see how Sega is populating its new Sonic world with varied and distinct characters who fit well into the established tone and feel of Sonic the Hedgehog. We’ll see how these characters affect Sonic and his new adventures when the games drop in November of this year.

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